#029: Adobe Firefly AI Updates (Structure Reference Feature)

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Welcome to this week’s edition of the Architecture Insights newsletter. Artificial intelligence for architects, landscape architects, and designers.

DALL-E 3 has integrated custom features into ChatGPT, and Adobe Firefly continues to add AI features. This time, they introduced a structure reference feature that allows users to replicate the architecture of buildings and landscapes and apply the same structure to a new image.

This Week in AI

DALL-E 3 Inside ChatGPT

New updates to DALL-E 3 let you customize your images in your ChatGPT conversation.

Highlight the area of an image you want to edit, as shown below (in blue), then prompt again with your new request for that area.


Claude 3 Ranked #1 Chatbot

Since the release of GPT-4, it had held the top position as the #1 AI chatbot, until recently when the Claude 3 Opus model developed by Anthropic claimed the top spot on the LMSYS Chatbot Arena Leaderboard.

You can see the publically voted leaderboard here. The platform used is called Hugging Face, an open, crowdsourced platform used for evaluating AI models.


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Adobe Firefly AI (Structure Reference)

The structure reference feature lets users add design elements from reference images, making the final results more accurate and visually appealing.

You can access these new features on the web or mobile versions of Firefly.

Here is a series of images we created initially without the structure reference feature, followed by another set with the feature enabled to display the variations.

The initial prompt was: A modern university campus library with a focus on architectural features like parametric design.

The generated image captured most aspects well, except for the parametric design elements.

However, we can now use a reference image of a highly parametric building and get a more accurate result.

Below is the reference image we selected, which was created in Midjourney.

Adobe Firefly

Upload it to Firefly and adjust the strength setting as needed.

Adobe Firefly

We opted to keep ours at the default setting.

Here are the outputs after incorporating the reference:

Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly

These are all high-quality images and closely resemble our original image and our reference image.

Firefly makes the design process smoother, letting us experiment with styles and features without starting from scratch every time.

It will be interesting to observe how other AI image-generating apps, such as Midjourney and DALL-E, implement similar features.

AI Image of the week

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