ChatGPT Plugins For Automating Tasks (GPT Plugins Use Case #3)

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Welcome to this week’s edition of Architecture Insights.

Over the past 2 weeks, we have explored ways we can use ChatGPT Plugins to 1. Generate Cost Estimates and 2. Summarize and Create PDFs.

As a third and final part (until more Plugins get released) to this mini-series, we want to bring you 4 more plugins that we’ve used to simplify common tasks.

AI News For Architects & Designers

  1. Google Chrome releases 3 new AI features.

Summary: We understand that not everyone uses Google Chrome. However, those who do will be pleased to know about these three upgrades. Tab organizers, custom themes, and a writing assistant similar to Grammarly.

  1. Google announces the development of Lumiere, an AI video generator.

Summary: It is reasonable for any designer who is interested in AI to be waiting for the opportunity to turn their renderings and perspectives into videos, to showcase more design details and features. Although Lumiere has been announced to the world, it is not yet available to the public. However, we will experiment and demonstrate its capabilities as soon as we can and share them with everyone.

4 ChatGPT Plugins

As a reminder from last week, you can access the plugin store from the drop-down menu to the top left of ChatGPT. The plugins themselves are free but you will need a plus account to access them.

Here are 4 plugins we recommend any architect, landscape architect, urban planner, and/or designer to try out.

There’s an AI For That:

If you have ever tried to look for the best AI image generating app, or an AI writing tool to help you write the copy for your portfolio or website, perhaps you’ve wondered if there was an AI site plan rendering software.

When asked “I need a list of tools for project and file management” the following list was provided:

  1. Trello

  2. Asana

  3. Microsoft Teams


  5. Basecamp

  6. Confluence

  7. Smartsheet

  8. Wrike

Smart Slides:

The following is the process of creating a PowerPoint through the plugin. In this case, we gave it information to create a 10-slide presentation for a short project introduction and kickoff meeting.

As for the PowerPoint itself, considering we only gave it limited information it was still able to provide a good starting point for a template and layout to start with, leaving us only to add our pictures and more detailed project descriptions.


The VoxScript plugin extracts transcripts from YouTube videos and provides them with summarized key information.

Before diving into an extensive podcast or keynote presentation get a quick summary from to see if the full video interests you.

How does Biophilic design help architects achieve more sustainable design? Thankfully we already have a YouTube video on this topic that we can summarize in just a few seconds and get the main ideas and speaker info extracted.

The provided video was 15 minutes long, after reading the summary you can get a good idea if you want to dive in and watch the full video.


Lastly, since this tool continues to gain traction in the world of automation; Zapier allows you to connect to work-related applications and simplify the process of working with each other.

Some use cases for the Zapier plugin include sending messages to your team through ChatGPT from your preferred messaging software: Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom etc. Write and send emails directly from ChatGPT by connecting to Gmail, Outlook, or other email providers. Manage databases through SharePoint, Dropbox, ClickUp etc, once again, all through ChatGPT.

Resources & Tools

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AI Image of the week

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