034: Perplexity AI For Research (Up-To-Date Sources In LLMs)

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AI Deep fakes are getting scary good and we don’t know what is real or fake anymore. The best Chatbot for researching is not ChatGPT, Claude, or Gemini, it’s Perplexity.

This Week In AI

1. OpenAI is set to unveil a new search feature for ChatGPT on Monday, with it they will directly compete with Google Search and Perplexity.

This new search feature will enable ChatGPT to tap into online sources to answer queries, providing citations for the information utilized. Certain versions might also include relevant visuals like diagrams or illustrated instructions alongside textual responses.

For designers, this could change how we gather information for our projects while giving us the ability to source from recent projects and design innovations.

2. Deep fakes keep getting better and better, making it more difficult to distinguish between real and fake. Check out a video of Reid Hoffman, an AI entrepreneur and his custom made deep fake.


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Perplexity AI

The #1 LLM For Research

Perplexity is a big player in the LLM game. It may not be at the level of a ChatGPT or Google Gemini but it can outperform them both in some areas. That area specifically is research.

One of the key advantages of Perplexity AI is its ability to access and analyze a wide range of credible sources, including academic journals, industry publications, and reputable online resources.

For example, an architect researching sustainable building materials could ask Perplexity AI about the latest developments in recycled plastics for construction. The system would then scour the web for the most recent and reliable information, presenting a comprehensive summary with citations from reputable sources.

How does Perplexity stay up to date?

They claim it is from the following:

Gathering Sources

Web Crawling: Perplexity AI employs web crawlers to continuously scan and index websites, academic journals, news articles, and other online resources.

This is a significant advantage over ChatGPT, which often fails to provide sources for its responses, especially on its free version using GPT 3.5.

Real-Time Search: When a user submits a query, Perplexity AI performs a real-time search across its indexed sources, as well as conducting live web searches to retrieve the most up-to-date and relevant information.

Source Filtering: Perplexity AI applies various filters to the search results, prioritizing reputable and authoritative sources. It can identify and exclude low-quality or unreliable sources based on factors such as domain reputation, content quality, and fact-checking.

Evaluating Sources

Relevance Scoring: Perplexity AI uses natural language processing techniques to analyze the content of each source and determine its relevance to the user's query. It assigns a relevance score based on factors like keyword matching, semantic similarity, and context.

Credibility Assessment: Perplexity AI evaluates the credibility of sources by considering factors such as the author's expertise, the publication's reputation, and the presence of citations or references. It can also cross-reference information across multiple sources to verify accuracy.

Recency Prioritization: For queries related to current events or rapidly evolving topics, Perplexity AI prioritizes the most recent sources, ensuring that the information provided is up-to-date.

Citation Analysis: When presenting its findings, Perplexity AI cites the most relevant sources used to construct its response, allowing users to easily verify the information and explore the sources further if needed.

You can try using Perplexity here. To use pro features on the free plan make sure to enable it on the bottom right of the prompt box.

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