030: Chatbot Rankings April 2024 (Large Language Models For AEC Professions)

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Welcome to this week’s edition of Architecture Insights.

Did you know that 6 AI chatbots experience more than 500,000 monthly users? Each one provides its own advantages with given use cases for architects, landscape architects, and designers. We rank the best options below.

This week in AI

1. Adobe released GenStudio, a combination of AI tools geared towards helping with marketing and content creation.

Source: Adobe

If you are a firm or solo designer these tools look great for managing your advertising and/or project displays on various social media or alternate websites. Some of these new features include:

  • Integration of Adobe Firefly AI Image generator

  • Campaign management and analytics tools

  • Guidelines for brand-safe marketing

2. For Google users, 2 new AI tools were announced this week with their rollout coming in the next month or so according to the announcement.

  • AI meeting summaries and notes for Google Meet calls.

  • Google Vids: A tool that assists with generating outlines, slides, and voiceovers for your business presentations.

Source: Google

Project managers can use this feature effectively when they need to virtually explain a specific project change or markup to multiple people at different times. This tool will allow you to create detailed walkthroughs of yourself explain the changes and make them easily sharable amongst your team.


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The Buffer Zone of AI in Landscape Architecture

Check out the article by Metropolis Mag on the buffer zone of technology and AI in landscape architecture.

Chatbots: April 2024

There have been tons of new upgrades to the array of AI chatbots and large language models since the last update we gave.

We won’t include every chatbot since the list is lengthy, but these are the most used and capable.

Rankings (from the perspective of AEC)

1. ChatGPT

The most popular AI tool to this date. Strong in factual language tasks, can be helpful for architects and landscape architects researching specific topics or generating reports.

2. Google Gemini

A chatbot with the familiarity of Google. Strong at processing and summarizing large documents, which can be useful for project management and proposal development. Can access and process information from the real world through Google Search.

3. Perplexity

The most favourable chatbot for research and up-to-date information. While free versions of ChatGPT and others can only access information from the internet prior to certain dates, perplexity is one of the only chatbots to always try to provide the most recent information, even on its free version.

4. Claude

The current leader in the community chatbot rankings on Hugging Face. Good at summarizing factual topics, helpful for architects and landscape architects who need to quickly grasp the main points of a complex topic. 

5. Grok

This chatbot was designed and created by Elon Musk. Still relatively new and lackluster compared to the others but it is trained on a significant amount of data from X and integrates right into the app.

6. Llama

Metas AI tool. Not typically chosen over the others on this list as it is the earliest in development. Has great potential and integrates into Meta tools and potentially soon into the metaverse?

A reminder that these rankings are solely based on our personal preferences and our analysis of their usefulness for users in AEC industries. We recommend experimenting with each one to find the best fit for your given use case.

Prompt of the week

ChatGPT can act as a great career counsellor. If you are thinking of a career change within your design related profession or just want to explore some input on your options then try these prompts:

[ ] = your own input

For Exploring Options: “I am a [job title] with [x] years of experience and I have skills in [fields of study or work]. Act as a career advisor and provide a list of professions in order of similarity to my current career and mention relevant information to getting started in each field.”

For Specific Careers/Jobs: I am thinking of becoming a [job title]. I have related experience in [industry] after [x] years of working as a [job title]. Can you tell me how long it may take someone to break into the above role and the experience needed to get started?

For Side Hustles: I am a [job title] and have experience in [industry]. List me current and trending side hustle opportunities that related professionals are working on.”

AI Image of the week

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