AI Photo Enhancers (Improving Site Photos & Renderings)

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AI Photo enhancers are a frequently used AI tool. Their potential benefits are available in more than just pictures of humans or animals, the best ones work with site photos and renderings as well.

This week’s latest news on AI.

News & Updates

1. The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) released a 2024 report on artificial intelligence.

Here are some interesting stats that were shared:

Overall, how would you rate your personal knowledge about AI, in general?

  • 9% No knowledge

  • 51% Basic knowledge

  • 32% Practical knowledge

  • 6% Advanced knowledge

  • 2% Recognised authority

AI is a threat to the profession

  • 36% Agree

  • 30% Neither

  • 34% Disagree

AI has led to staff reductions

  • 7% Agree

  • 32% Neither

  • 61% Disagree

2. GPT-5 is being targeted for a mid-late 2024 release. Nothing is official but a claim made by the CEO of OpenAI was that there will be a big release this year for ChatGPT, meaning either GPT-4.5 or 5.


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Try the following prompt for planning and organizing project kickoff meetings:

prompt: Develop an organized approach to leading and coordinating the initial kickoff meeting for an architecture project, involving a multidisciplinary team of architects, landscape architects, engineers, and planners. Focus on setting clear objectives, establishing communication protocols, and aligning the team on project vision, scope, and timelines. Share insights into your strategy for effective meeting management, the challenges of synchronizing diverse professional perspectives, and solutions for fostering collaboration and consensus.

role: project leader

department: architecture and interdisciplinary coordination

task: Initial Project Kickoff Meeting Coordination,

task description: As a project leader overseeing an architectural project, your task is to conduct an initial kickoff meeting that brings together a team of architects, landscape architects, engineers, and planners. The output should be a well-structured meeting plan that outlines key discussion points, goals, roles and responsibilities, and a roadmap for project development. The success of your kickoff meeting will be evaluated based on the clarity of the project vision shared, the effectiveness of communication channels established, and the consensus reached among the interdisciplinary team members."

AI Photo Enhancers

These are great for solving a few of the issues below in site photos and renderings.

  • Low resolution

  • Poor lighting

  • Noise (Grainy photos)

  • Colour balance

  • Unwanted objects

To test out the potential of these tools we used Lets Enhance. It was free to sign up and work on up to 10 photos.

If you would like to explore others, here are a few:

Let's start with a high-quality image from Midjourney and test if the enhancer can make it even better:

Original Image:

Enhanced Image:

Now let’s look at a low-quality photo of a bench,



In terms of resolution, our first photo went from a 7/10 to a 9/10. Our second photo went from roughly a 3/10 to a 6/10.

For the last one let’s enhance the tone and colour.



40% Tone, 60% Colour

AI Image of the week

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